joshVisickPic-260.jpgHello, my name is Josh Visick. I provide graphic design, branding and web development services. In  particular, I am excited about building great websites with the WordPress platform. I also offer print design services to make your brand look great in the real world too. Currently I work full time as a freelancer and am available for new projects.

In addition to design, I do bodywork and massage therapy. That along with running, yoga, and tennis with my wife, helps balance out all the computer time. We are currently residing in Portland, OR so if you’re local we can actually meet up. But this is the internet, so I keep in touch and work with people all over the world. How awesome is that!

Featured projects:


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Single Page Site Development

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Web Development – www.onehappydog.com

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Logo Design

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Logo Design

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Website design – theartofdogsf.com

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Logo Design

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Website Design – malenademartini.com

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Logo design

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Website Design – www.fresnodogtraining.com

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Website Design – www.pantsf.com